Game of Thrones S8 Running Time Revealed, Some Episodes Are Like Movies
Game of Thrones S8 Running Time
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Winter is so close now, we can almost feel the chill, and if you were disappointed by the news that there will only be 6 episodes in the final HBO season, don’t despair! The Game of Thrones S8 running time has been leaked, and it looks like you’re going to be spending a lot of time watching the final season.

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While HBO has tried really hard to keep everything hushed around the final season, certain leaks are inevitable. Like the Game of Thrones S8 running time. It was bound to be revealed ahead of time what the Game of Thrones S8 running time would be, as distributors and broadcasters are notified to start working on scheduling plans.

That’s exactly what has now happened. During a press conference for French TV channels – Orange Cinéma Séries – the Game of Thrones 8 running time was revealed as part of the company’s upcoming content showcase, by PremièreFR. Here’s what you can expect in terms of each episode’s running time:

  • Episode 801: 60 minutes;
  • Episode 802: 60 minutes;
  • Episode 803: 80 minutes;
  • Episode 804: 80 minutes;
  • Episode 805: 80 minutes; and
  • Episode 806: 80 minutes.

All of this adds up to about a 440 minutes Game of Thrones S8 running time. Season 7 of Game of Thrones, which had 7 episodes, had a similar running time at 442 minutes, making it only slightly longer than season 8, even though it had an extra episode.

That’s a lot of content for fans to consume, and based on the current hype for the final season, no one is going to be complaining about it. Although, these running times shouldn’t be taken to be exact indicators of episode lengths. Thinks might change up a little, closer to the April 2019 release date for season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Bits and pieces of season 8 have been released by HBO slowly, to build up as much hype as possible for this final season. Late last year, the first teaser was released, followed by an HBO showcase which featured a short clip from season 8 of Game of Thrones. And then another promotional teaser was released early in this year, which you can check out below.

Are you excited about the Game of Thrones 8 running time?






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