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TI9 Day 2 Fantasy Roster Picks For the Main Event

While The International 2019 Day 1 of the Main Event still rages on at the time of writing, I thought I would share our TI9 Day 2 Fantasy Roster picks for the Main Event a bit earlier today, so you have more time to get those picks in. The events of Day 1 will affect TI9 Day 2 Fantasy roster picks if you want to go for players in the lower bracket. Just make sure you set them at any time before 21 August at 03:00 if you want to wait for today’s matches to finish up.

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First of all, you should only have player cards in your TI9 Day 2 Fantasy roster for the following teams:

  • Team Secret
  • OG
  • EG
  • Newbee
  • Virtus.Pro
  • TNC
  • Winner of Alliance vs Royal
  • Winner of Liquid vs Fnatic

As per my Main Event bracket predictions, I think that OG will beat down Newbee and Secret will knock EG down to the lower bracket. With that being said, PO5 supports still do well even if their team loses, so I picked up Pieliedie in my roster as he has been performing extremely well during the Fantasy Challenge, with the second-highest average of 18.5 raw points per match.

I went for the top performing players from the teams I think will win their match with the exception of Pieliedie. After watching TNC versus VG, I think that they will be able to beat either Liquid or Fnatic.

Check out my TI9 Day 2 Fantasy roster picks below:

TI9 fantasy

So why did I make these picks and why don’t I have any EG players in the roster? Well, because I think EG will lose against Secret and if they lose, you probably won’t get a lot of points. However, a PO5 player will probably do well even if their team loses in terms of points and Sumail could get a lot of kills even when on the losing side. Even with that in mind, I still decided to go with the top scorers so far from OG, Pieliedie as a bit of a safety net and Tims as he has been performing extremely well, with Nisha as my second core.

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What does your TI9 Fantasy Roster for Day 2 of the Main Event look like? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to stay tuned to GLITCHED for daily Fantasy Challenge roster picks for TI9 as well as all the coverage for The International 2019.

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