TI9 Day 3 Schedule and Group Standings so Far

Today is the third day of The International 2019 and things are really heating up, with some teams fighting for their spot in the upper bracket while others fight for survival. The matches have been incredible thus far, with my personal favourite match from TI9 Day 2 being OG versus NiP, trust me, watch it! There’s still a lot of Dota to be played and that’s why it is important to have a TI9 Day 3 schedule so you don’t miss any of the action. Note that times might change slightly depending on how quickly a round of matches complete.

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Before we get to the TI9 Day 3 schedule, let’s take a look at the group standings so far. At the time of writing, PSG.LGD top group A followed by Team Secret, but the former played more matches than the latter. In Group B, we see the defending champions OG at the top. OG fans should be very excited, as the team has basically secured a spot in the upper bracket of the main event and they are playing like the best team in the world right now.

TI9 Day 3

The matches in the TI9 Day 3 scheduled kicked off in the early hours of the morning but South Africans who are only waking up at a reasonable time today will still be able to catch some great games. You will still be able to catch three rounds of matches for the day at the time of writing and there are round 2 matches live right now at 07:30. Here is TI9 Day 3 schedule for the matches you will still be able to catch this morning.

08:00 SA Time:

  • TNC versus Chaos
  • Liquid versus Alliance
  • Newbee versus Keen
  • Secret versus Mineski

10:30 SA Time:

  • OG versus Fnatic
  • RNG versus Na’Vi
  • Vici versus NiP
  • VP versus Infamous

15:00 SA Time:

  • Secret versus PSG.LGD
  • Liquid versus Keen
  • Newbee versus Chaos
  • Alliance versus Mineski

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Which matches in Day 3 of TI9’s group stage are you most excited about and what do you think about the The International 2019 group standings so far? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to catch all the Dota 2 esports action you can.

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Esports | TI9 Day 3 Schedule and Group Standings so Far
Esports | TI9 Day 3 Schedule and Group Standings so Far






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