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TI9 Day 4 Schedule and Group Standings so Far

It is the final day of the group stage for The International 2019 and things are extremely hectic, with the TI9 Day 4 schedule promising some do-or-die matches for fans to watch. There is no doubt that TI9’s group stage has been the most exciting one ever for the annual tournament and over the past few days, a lot has happened.

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We saw OG go with a PO1 IO and wreck every team in sight, securing the top spot in Group B. We saw SumaiL become the first player to reach a total of 1000 kills in The International tournaments combined, followed by Somnus (aka Maybe) from PSG.LGD. We also saw the elimination of Chaos Esports Club and on TI9 Day 4, NiP is hanging on for dear life (at the time of writing).

First, let’s look at the group standings for The International 2019 so far, which you can see below.

The International 2019

Now, onto the TI9 Day 4 schedule. The first round of matches have already been completed, but there is still a lot of action (with potential tiebreakers) to take into consideration. As you can see from the image above, with one match of TI9 Day 4 already completed, it looks like some teams might play tiebreakers in a fight for an upper bracket slot in both groups. Sure, it could work out that way that no tiebreakers need to be played, but that is very unlikely right now.

Update: No tiebreakers will be played in either of the groups.

Check out the TI9 Day 4 schedule below in South African time but keep in mind that matches might start a bit sooner depending on how quickly other matches finish up. Note: Scores will be updated as the day progresses.

03:00 SA time:

  • VP versus EG (Completed with a 1-1 score)
  • NiP versus Infamous (Completed with a 1-1 score)
  • RNG versus Fnatic (Completed with a 0-2 score)
  • Vici versus Na’Vi (Completed with a 2-0 score)

06:00 SA time:

  • Liquid versus TNC (Completed with a 0-2 score)
  • Secret versus Chaos (Completed with a 1-1 score)
  • PSG.LGD versus Alliance (Completed with a 1-1 score)
  • Newbee versus Mineski (Completed with a 1-1 score)

08:00 SA time:

  • Vici versus OG (Completed with a 1-1 score)
  • VP versus Fnatic (Completed with a 2-0 score)
  • EG versus NiP (Completed with a 2-0 score)
  • RNG versus Infamous (Completed with a 1-1 score)

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Which matches are you most excited about in TI9 Day 4? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned at GLITCHED for all the Dota 2 esports coverage including daily Fantasy Challenge roster picks, the All-Stars match, the Main Event bracket predictions and more.

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