Since its release late last month on Netflix, Tiger King has become a viral sensation and almost everyone on the planet has watched it (except me) making it a huge success. The show is everywhere with memes, Carole Baskin impersonations popping up and even surprise episodes being released by Netflix. The show is so popular that it is now just as big as the third season of Stranger Things.

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Netflix revealed in a letter to its shareholders that Tiger King was watched in more than 64 million households in the first four weeks of being on the platform. That number is around the same as Stranger Things 3 which Netflix claimed last year was one of the biggest shows of 2019.

According to the report, Tiger King already racked up 5.3 billion minutes of watch time between 23 March and 29 March 2020. This is in the United States alone.

While Tiger King has been a success, it is wont’ beat the champion which is none other than The Witcher. Netflix revealed that the show was watched by more than 76 million households making it the most-watched first season of a television program ever for the platform.

Still, the Tiger King numbers are pretty impressive given that the show is a documentary and not based on a pre-existing IP. It is also an impressive feat considering it was the first season of the show and Netflix did very little marketing for the release. Its rise to fame was garnered by internet memes, TikToks, and word of mouth. It just goes to show the power of the internet. Yeah, I still have no intention of watching it.

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