TikTok Introduces New Parental Controls Restricting Time Limits for Each Day
TikTok Parental Controls Family Safety Feature Mode
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TikTok has introduced new parental controls into the app which will make the experience a lot more user-friendly for teens. The mode called Family Safety First allows parents to manage their kid’s activity on and time spent on the app and set limits for each day. The TikTok parental control feature comes as the app’s popularity is at an all-time high especially among the youth.

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The new TikTok Family Safety First feature allows users to determine time limits for their children each day. It allows you to set 40-minute, 60-minutes, and 90-minute blocks so once the time limit has been set, the user can no longer access the service. Parents can also turn off or limit direct messages and restrict content for a certain age group.

The features make for a welcome addition as TikTok is currently dominated by about 60% of users between the ages of 16-24 in the US. The perfect age to be restricted to using an app and being influenced by some of the ridiculous clips like the tripping trend that has caused safety issues in SA.

TikTok already restricts its content to anyone under the age of 13 such as blocking comments and messages. However, anyone can watch anything for as long as they want if the Family Safety Mode is not enabled which makes this new setting a welcome addition to the service.

TikTok encourages user-created content but the fear of addiction and privacy loopholes has been an issue from the start. Hopefully, this will allow parents to get a better grip on what their kids are doing on the app and how long they are doing it on a daily basis. If you are concerned about the app, make sure you enable the TikTok parental controls as soon as possible.






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