Donald Trump Called Apple’s CEO “Tim Apple” By Mistake and it was Super Awkward
Tim Apple
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I am very bad with names. I need to meet you a couple of times before I remember them so I can understand where Donald Trump is coming from when he called one of the world’s most popular people by their wrong name.

During Tim Cook’s appearance with the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, Trump had a brainfart while addressing Apple’s CEO and referred to him at “Tim Apple”. To make it worse, Tim Cook was sitting right next to Trump. Tim simply gave an awkward nod to Donald but he looks really awkward.

That is to say that Donald Trump is quite aware of Apple CEO’s name as a recording of the advisory board clearly shows him saying it correctly. Ivanka, Trumps daughter, just sits there nodding too as if she is trying to pretend that everything is okay and her father did not call one of the world’s most influential people by the name of the company he runs.

It just does not end with Trump as last month he made a noise on Twitter about rolling out 5G and 6G networks in the US after 6G is still a decade away. It must be hard being the president of the United States and no one know names as well as Trump.






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