Tips and advice for new PlayStation VR owners
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We recently covered setting up your PlayStation VR headset, as well as got some friends (hardcore gamer, to a noob to a non-gamer), to sit down with the device so we could record their reactions (sympathy has streamed in for the lady playing RE7). Lastly, we want to share with you some advice for new owners, as the headset could be a bit overwhelming at first. How do you keep it tidy, and clean it when it needs to be cleaned? What about getting the best gaming experience out of it but utilizing the 3D audio? 

During my time with the VR, I came into some challenges, especially motion sickness. If you get remotely ill from thrill rides, then PS VR will make you feel ill at first. I was seriously considering cancelling my order to be honest, as I was very sick after 20-minutes of Robinson: The Journey. All the advice I can give you is that just stick with it. Play in short periods, and then take a break. I have very little, if no sickness at all from playing it now, and can go for hours on end without a break. 

If you do suffer, take some car sickness tablets, drink ginger tea, and look for Nat Phos tissue salts that will help reduce the sickness while playing. It is the worst having this awesome piece of tech around, and you cannot play it. 

Some of my favorite games so far have left me abandoning others. I have spent more time with titles like Job Simulator, Robinson: The Journey, and Tumble VR. These games have really grown on me, and offer a great VR experience, that is very different from one another. Tumble VR is a puzzle game where you sit and stack blocks as high as you can without them tumbling over, it is very fun. Robinson: The Journey, takes you through a prehistoric planet as you scan lifeforms and discover the cause of your space ship crash. It is simply a magnificent experience.

Lastly, Job Simulator is one of the best experiences you can have in VR. You take the role of different employees in different industries and have to work a full day shift. It is very funny as you turn the stove on to cook bacon in the chef job, and toss wheels at the robots around you while working as a mechanic. If you are looking for one game to start with, it has to be Job Simulator. 

Apart from all that, there is so much to know that will help you if you are a new adopter of the headset, that we just had to share it all with you. Take a look at the video below.

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