Tips for setting up your PlayStation VR headset
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The PlayStation VR launch is around the corner in SA, and we are so excited to share our thoughts with you on this amazing piece of technology. We're doing a video series on the PS VR; ranging from setup tips, to game reviews and lots more.

Up first, we give you a good look at the PlayStation VR, tips on how to do things like keep the cables tidy, and, of course, how to set up the headset with your console. We also list where South African gamers can purchase the PS VR, with two of its most important accessories – please note: prices reflected as at the time of filming.

What's in the box?

Although we did not get to unbox our own PS VR, as the awesome guys over at Ster Kinekor gave us this loan unit to use, it had everything that would come in your PS VR box.

  • 2 x HDMI Cables
  • PS VR Processor Box
  • PS VR cable
  • PS VR headset 
  • Power supply and cable
  • Micro USB
  • PS VR headset

Explanation and Setup Highlights

Once we wrapped out heads around all the cabling, we then plug it all in, making sure to stay in the order that we were advised. It is a simple process really and in the end you should have not cables left over, that way you know you got everything plugged in. Once we turned on the headset, we just followed a simple video guide presented to us on the PS4 itself, and we were good to go. 

  • Processor Box and cabling layout
  • Turning on the devices in order
  • Looking out for the white light showing us that everything is plugged in correctly
  • See how versatile the device is as it worked in light condition

Take a look at the awesome video below filmed and edited by madeyoulook. Don't forget to also watch our top 20 games to play on PS VR.

More PS4 News

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