Titanfall Respawn Removed Sale Hacker Issues

Titanfall Director is Working on ‘Something New’

Titanfall 3 might not be happening at developer Respawn Entertainment anytime soon but the game’s director, Steve Fukuda, seems to be working on “something new” at the studio. Respawn recently launched Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to glowing reviews though aims to address its various performance issues in future updates. Meanwhile, the studio is also working on Apex Legends support and an unannounced Star Wars FPS but there might be more projects cooking at the company right now.

In a recent interview with Axios, Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella confirmed that Fukuda was in charge of a “very small team” at the studio which is currently working on an original game. “The mission is to find the fun in something new,” said Zampella before reiterating that it’s not a new Titanfall game.

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The small size of Fukuda’s team doesn’t mean it won’t be a major project as several studios often experiment and brainstorm ideas with smaller groups internally before allocating resources to them, should the idea stick. Details aren’t known about Fukuda’s project but at least Zampella tempered expectations for those hoping that Respawn were once again working on the highly requested Titanfall 3.

Electronic Arts is investing heavily in the future of the Battlefield franchise at the moment, giving Zampella reigns to the first-person shooter series alongside former Call of Duty executive Byron Beede. Zampella says EA has bold plans for Battlefield but couldn’t get into any specifics, stating “I can’t really say too much, just because we’re not really talking about it yet, but there’s a lot that we can do there.”

In related news, Respawn recently released the first post-launch patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, addressing some of the glaring performance issues on PC as well as consoles. The studio has committed to fixing its new game after receiving heavy backlash for its inconsistent and undercooked PC optimisation. Read our full review here or watch it below:

Source: Axios

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