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Tokyo Game Show 2022 Will Be an In-Person Public Event

Tokyo Game Show, after presenting their events digitally for the last two years, will finally be an in-person public event this year. Organisers CESA, Dentsu and Nikkei confirmed the news yesterday, also revealing the Tokyo Game Show 2022 dates and COVID-19 restrictions.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 will take place between 15 September and 18 September, running for four days. It will once again be held at its traditional venue of the Makuhari Messe in Chiba City. Business and general visitors from the public will be allowed to attend.

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However, given the stringent measurements in place for in-person events amidst a global pandemic, Tokyo Game Show 2022 will also implement its own strict policies and rules for their public showing. One of the laws will prohibit elementary school students and younger children from attending the event “due to uncertainties of vaccination situations among young people”.

When the global pandemic first began in 2020, many industry events shifted towards being digital-only, with Tokyo Game Show being one of them. Last year, they held a digital-only event that allowed certain journalists and influencers a chance to see a behind-closed-doors presentation via a special invitation.

According to organisers, this year’s motto for TGS will be “Nothing Stops Gaming”. They further elaborated:

“Over these two years, various fun events disappeared from our daily life, but games still lightened up our days. Games will continue to brighten up the days of everybody now and forever—this year’s theme implies such strong determination.”

Due to Japan’s strict entry restrictions for foreigners which still stands today, it’s unknown how many (or if) international companies and journalists will be allowed to attend the in-person show.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 takes place between Thursday, 15 September and Sunday, 18 September.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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