Ubisoft Elite Squad Shutting down

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Shuts Down a Year After Release

Ubisoft is shutting down Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad just a year after the game was released for mobile devices. Elite Squad is developed by Owlient Games and is a blend of Tom Clancy’s all-stars action RPG with a Fortnite art style.

Ubisoft pushed Elite Squad during its announcement and release phase. The company especially made use of the most famous Tom Clancy’s character, Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series. However, that was not enough to grab players and get them invested in the mobile game.

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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad was released back in August 2020 and Ubisoft plans on shutting the game down on 4 October. Players won’t be able to log into the game or find matches from that date.

Ubisoft says this was not an easy decision to make but after exploring all the different avenues they could have gone down, it is the only one possible.

“This was not an easy decision, but after exploring multiple options with our teams, we came to the conclusion that it was no longer sustainable.

We want to assure you all that we really gave it our best, especially with big updates like Season 2, and it was a truly rewarding experience to work with you, our passionate community!

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed playing with us as much as we have enjoyed making the game and engaging with you all on social media and Discord. We hope that some of you stick around with us and have fun reaching level 70 and unlocking all of the soldiers you can before we say goodbye.

This news also arrives just a few days after Ubisoft announced another free-to-play entry in Tom Clancy’s series called XDefiant. So far, things aren’t looking great for that game either. The widespread dislikes on trailers and complaints on social media clearly show that Ubisoft has an uphill battle ahead of them in order to try and make this game a success.

Source: Ubisoft

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