Top 10 shocking betrayals in gaming
betrayals in gaming
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Video games have this rare magic that draws us into the world we are exploring and story it is telling. Sometimes these stories are great, and sometimes they are absolutely fantastic. Often they are able to pull us in and connect with us on different levels, so much so that when a story goes south and a character we have loved betrays us, it is almost like a dagger in our hearts as we see an unexpected turn of events unfold in front of us as if we knew these character in real life. 

Throughout gaming, there have been some terribly shocking betrayals from the most unexpected places. Be it Citra trying to kill us after making love in Far Cry 3, Cortana’s revelation in Halo 5, or even playing as the serial killer in Heavy Rain. A word of caution, there are obvious spoilers to follow so make sure you stay wary if you see something pop up that you don’t want to know about. 

Here are some of the most shocking betrayals in gaming we have ever experienced and why they were so terrible.

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Do you know of more betrayals that you think should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments below.






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