Top 5 Upcoming Indie Games We Can’t Wait to Play
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Looking past all the major triple-A games headed our way in 2017 like the awesome PC exclusives, Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusives, and PS4 console exclusive games, there are tons of great indie games coming our way too. Although some of these do not have set release dates, we cannot but hope that they release sometime in 2017 at least.

Here are five indie games that should be on your radar, skip to the video at the end of the article if you don't feel like reading,

1. Cuphead 

  • Release Date: TBA 2017
  • Platforms: Windows 10 | Xbox One
  • Developer: Studio MDHR

This Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive has been on my radar since its initial announcement. I got the privilege to play it at rAge last year, and it was everything I hoped for. Its 1930s-art style that takes us back to the very early Tom and Jerry cartoons, and its ruthless platforming gameplay, is something that will make the game stand out among the other indie games on this list. From what I played of it, the co-op is also very fun, and at the same time the difficulty of the game calls for two players to work together as you venture through beautiful water-painted levels, and face off against fierce bosses.

This run and gun game is not to be missed.

2. Below 

  • Release Date: TBA 
  • Platforms: Windows 10 | Xbox One
  • Developer: Capybara Games

Below has been in development since 2013 where Microsoft announced it as a Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. This top-down indie game sees you take on the role of a tiny warrior was you explore the depths of a mysterious remote island. The game is said to be brutal, but at the same time fun, with a permadeath feature that will see gamers raging at their own silly mistakes. As you venture deeper into the island, you will face fierce creatures, and deadly traps. Checkpoints will grant you safe passage if you die, but you decide where these are created, and have limited amount of resources to do so. Every time you enter the world, it will be different thanks to the game’s procedurally generated engine.

Below could be one of the best indie games out there.

3. Routine 

  • Release Date: March 2017
  • Platforms: PC | Linux
  • Developer: Lunar Software 

This survival horror looks a lot like Alien: Isolation, but instead could be the most hardcore survival horror you have ever played. No HUD, no health, and a perma-death system, will keep you on the edge of you seat the whole game. You might even need a clean pair of shorts as you explore this abandoned moon base, and come face to face with robot-looking monsters that want to tear you in two. No big deal really. 

There is nothing routine about Routine, and according to the developer, “The game will not be for everyone.”

4. Chasm

  • Release Date: TBA 2017
  • Platforms: PS4 | PC | Xbox One
  • Developer: Discord Games

Chasm has taken that classic SEGA Genesis art style we all love, and brought it back for us to enjoy again. This procedurally generated hack and slash, Metroid-styled platformer, sees you explore an abandoned mine after the local mining community goes missing, mysteriously. Monsters and ferocious beasts await below as you will need to use every weapon and ability to find, to make sure you clean out every tunnel. The further you get into the mine, the more difficult it will get to survive. 

Chasm looks great, and I cannot wait to spend dozens of hours lost in a mine, while slashing up creatures, and discovering long-lost treasures. 

5. Yooka-Laylee 

  • Release Date: 11 April 2017
  • Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4
  • Developer: Playtonic Games

This game seems to be a mixture of all our favorite long-lost platforming games, all mixed into one colourful and vibrant adventure. Yooka-Laylee seems to draw inspiration from games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and Banjo and Kazooie. From what I see of the game, it has platforming, power ups, epic bosses, and various worlds to explore. This game actually started off as a kickstarter, and is now headed to a handful of platforms. It just proves that we really want more games like this. 

What indie games are you looking forward to in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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