Torchlight III will have a range of new features and improvements over the original game. One of these is the new Torchlight III fort system that lets players build and customize their own unique housing. Perfect World Entertainment revealed that players will be able to create their own forts in the game. Players can also customize it the way they want.

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In a new trailer, the new Torchlight III fort feature shows a player building different rooms with unique designs and resources. Each room will complement the player’s playstyle as you manage its upgrades and unlock new abilities. Players can also customize them with different cosmetic items and objects.

According to the official site, this Torchlight III fort system will be available as soon as players reach Act I of the game and take the fort back from the Goblin Tribe. Once claimed, players can move in and begin customizing it with rooms and items. Players will be able to find customization items throughout the game world and claim then through quest rewards. The fort system even includes its own Contract progression system that rewards items for upgrading the fort.

Other players can visit your own fort and make use of some benefits granted by items you place including buffs and blessings. You can also show off rare items and weapons you have collected. Torchlight II is currently in development for PC with consoles to release at a later date.

Take a look at the full trailer down below for the system;

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