Torchlight III is Out Tomorrow – New Trailer Details Classes, Pets And More
Torchlight 3 Torchlight III Fort System
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Torchlight III is finally leaving early access tomorrow as the game launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The developers behind the game, Echtra released a robust new trailer showcasing the features players can look forward to. This includes a closer look at the Torchlight III classes, pets, the fort system, combat and even the end-game content.


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In Torchlight III players can choose from four playable classes. There’s the Railmaster who explores the lands with a portable train at his side. He acts as a tank class and can wield massive hammers to deal damage. We then have the Duskmage which uses a staff or magical claw to fight her foes. She uses the power of light and dark magic to fight the forces of evil. Light magic is a single-target combat approach while dark deals massive AOE damage.

The Sharpshooter is the third class and is a mixture of ranged attacks and summons. Players summon creatures to their side which deal damage and distracts enemies while the player shoots from a distance. Lastly, The Forged is a mechanical robot that specializes in both ranged and close combat. He can mow enemies down from a distance with his cannon and leap into combat with a steam-powered charge.

Of course, these classes are all versatile to your gameplay style and players can experiment with new ways to play depending on their class.

Echtra also shared new information on the game’s pet system. Players can take these furry and feathery friends with them throughout the game. In addition, players can also obtain new ones throughout the campaign. These pets have perks including unique abilities and attack styles.

When it comes to gear, Torchlight III seems to have plenty to choose from and find throughout the game. Legendary gear adds new abilities and buffs to your character and set gear created new builds to experiment with. Torchlight III also includes a fort mode where players can build and customize their home base with items and other in-game decorations.

There seems to be a lot to do in Torchlight III so make sure you check out the trailer down below. The game releases on 12 October for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The PC version is going up in price so make sure you buy the early access edition before that happens.






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