Total War: Warhammer III Announced
"The cataclysmic conclusion to the Total War: Warhammer trilogy"
Total War: Warhammer III
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Creative Assembly has announced the cataclysmic conclusion to the Total War: Warhammer trilogy. Total War: Warhammer III will see players embark on a new grand campaign as they explore the Chaos Realm through the eyes of different races.


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Confirmed races in Total War: Warhammer III include the popular Kislev, the four factions of Chaos which include the Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, and Nurgle and not forgetting the Cathay faction which is Warhammer’s interpretation of China. Cathay in specific, are a welcome new addition to the series given how the franchise has overlooked the faction for most of the video game and tabletop genre.

While we don’t know much about the game’s story at the moment, the official Total War: Warhammer III trailer does give us a glimpse into the Realms of Chaos and how each race will play their role in the ongoing war. The official plot details read:

Embarking on a new grand campaign, you will be tasked with saving or exploiting the power of a dying god. Each race offers a unique journey through the nightmarish Chaos Realm, culminating in an endgame that will determine the fate of the world. Total War: Warhammer III is set around the reign of Karl Franz. Our primary source is Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition, although we have and will continue to use older editions for inspiration.”

Total War: Warhammer III is set to launch sometime in 2021 for PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Watch the rather epic yet very flashy trailer down below:






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