Tribes of The Forbidden West Showcased in Gorgeous New Trailer

"The people of the West"

Horizon Forbidden West Tribes Towns PS4 PS5
Tribes of The Forbidden West Showcased in Gorgeous New Trailer

Sony’s focus for the next few weeks is definitely Horizon Forbidden West. The game is around six weeks away and soon PS4 and PS5 players will get their hands on the title. This also means you should get ready to watch a load of new trailers. The latest video is all about the Tribes of The Forbidden West and touches on some of the people, their towns and what they do in the game.

The trailer isn’t as detailed as you would expect. Instead, it rather focuses on some of the world’s visuals more than anything else. Thankfully, Sony also shared new details for the game on the PlayStation Blog which does a much better job exploring these tribes than the trailer.

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According to the post, the tribes we get to see in the video include both the Utaru and the Tenakth. The game also features other tribes called the Carja and Oseram. Each tribe has their own agenda in the game and as Aloy explores the world and completes her quests, she will come in contact with these various people. However, not all of them are friends. Some of them use machines to fight in deadly wars while others use them as friends for farming and other daily activities.

We don’t know yet to what extent these tribes will influence the game’s progression but players will most likely be able to explore these settlements, take on new quests that touch on their daily living as well as utilize all the shops and crafters around the town. Check out the trailer down below. Horizon Forbidden West releases on PS4 and PS5 on 22 February 2022.

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Source: PS Blog

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