Turn Chris Redfield Into Albert Wesker With This Resident Evil Village Mod

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Chris Redfield Albert Wesker Resident Evil Village Mod
Turn Chris Redfield Into Albert Wesker With This Resident Evil Village Mod

DarknessValtier has released a brand-new Resident Evil Village mod that turns Chris Redfield into a pretty awesome looking Albert Wesker. Unlike your typical character mod replacement that simply swaps out the game models, this Resident Evil Village mod comes with its own set of facial animations too which greatly helps with the immersion.

While it does change Chris Redfield into Albert Wesker, along with accurate facial animations, it does not change his voice. This is most likely due to the lack of voice dialogue available for the character. However, it still makes for a pretty cool mod if you’re tired of seeing Chris Redfield’s mug (I don’t know if that is even possible).


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Users who want to turn Chris Redfield into Albert Wesker using this mod can head over to Nexus Mods and install it. While you are at it, you may also want to look at other Resident Evil Village mods. One of them increases the game’s FOV, another swaps out the Dimitriscu daughter’s dresses with the YorHa outfit from Nier. There’s also a mod to increase the game’s brightness, reskin the M1911 and remove the copyright from the photo mode.

No doubt more Resident Evil Village mod files will become available in the weeks ahead but so far these don’t look too bad. While you are here, make sure you read our Resident Evil Village review here and watch our Collector’s Edition unboxing down below. You can still pick up this version of the game in SA at Nexus. Check it out here.

Resident Evil Village Mod

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