Turtle Beach Dr Disrespect Partnership Sexting Allegations

Turtle Beach Ends Partnership With Dr Disrespect Over Sexting Allegations

Turtle Beach, one of the leading accessories makers in the industry, have ended its partnership with Dr Disrespect following sexting allegations with a minor that the streamer openly admitted to “being inappropriate.” This also ends a multi-year deal after Turtle Beach and Dr Disrespect teamed up last January to launch a line of gaming accessories including headsets and more.

“We will not be continuing our partnership with Guy Beahm/Dr Disrespect,” said a Turtle Beach spokesperson to Video Games Chronicle. Dr Disrepect came under fire when former Twitch employees revealed the true nature behind the streamer’s publicised ban from the platform in 2020. At the time, the reason behind his ban was unknown but new information reveals that he had allegedly been sexting a minor.

Dr Disrespect put out a statement regarding the sexting allegations on Twitter/X, slamming “the haters” while basically confirming that the texts exchanged between him and the unknown minor were “inappropriate”, though he firmly believes no wrongdoing happened as he apparently never met with the minor following the texts.

As a result, the internet has collectively turned against Dr Disrespect and now it seems like his brand partners are quickly doing the same, choosing to cut all ties with the streamer in the wake of these allegations.

The controversy restarted when former Twitch employee Cody Conners posted on Twitter/X pinning allegations against Dr Disrepect, even mentioning that he was trying to meet up with the minor at TwitchCon (this contradicts Dr Disrespect’s statement saying that it only stopped at texts).

It will be interesting to see if other brands and partners follow suit in the next few days. Dr Disrespect’s own game studio, Midnight Society, also cut ties with him after doing its own internal investigations.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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