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Twisted Metal PS5 Reboot Reportedly Changes Developer

Sony’s rumoured Twisted Metal reboot has reportedly changed developers, moving from Lucid Games – who developed the PS5 title Destruction AllStars – to a new first-party studio at PlayStation. As reported by Video Games Chronicle, the new Europe-based studio remains unknown, though some have theorized who it could be.

Last year, work on a Twisted Metal reboot apparently began at Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games, based in Liverpool, UK. However, plans may have changed as development had ceased development at Lucid Games and reportedly moved to another Sony first-party studio based in Europe.

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As for who this new unnamed developer is, plenty of names have been thrown around as there are many first-party PlayStation studios based in Europe. Guerrilla Games, Housemarque, Media Molecule and FireSprite have all been suggested, though it’s likely to be FireSprite as the newly acquired PlayStation studio previously worked on the WipeOut series and have some experience developing in the genre, more or less. Though it would be interesting to see Housemarque or Media Molecule put their own spins on the car combat series.

According to VGC, no reason was provided for why this shift in development teams happened, though they believe it had to do with the poor reception and release of Destruction AllStars. The new developer likely won’t be revealed until the reboot is officially announced, which we’re expecting to happen either later this year or early next year.

It seems like Sony still has plans to bring the Twisted Metal gaming series back to life to coincide with the release of the TV show starring Anthony Mackie. Some speculate that the show will release sometime in 2023, which could be the reason why Sony is pushing for the series’ gaming revival all of a sudden.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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