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Ubisoft Accidentally Showed Pop-Up Ads in-Game in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft accidentally showed a pop-up advert to players in the middle of gameplay as the company advertised Assassin’s Creed: Mirage’s 20% off Black Friday sale.

A few days ago, videos began to appear on Reddit which showed users being bombarded by a pop-up ad while playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The banner ad would appear when a user opened the map in Odyssey and it would show Assasin’s Creed: Mirage on sale for less 20%.

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Players could then dismiss the ad or click “Buy Now” to proceed to the storefront and purchase the new game. The advert appeared across all platforms including PC, Xbox and PS5. As soon as someone opened the map, it would show the banner instead of the map.

One user on Reddit shared their video saying they “can confirm” it happened on PS5 when playing the PS4 version of the game through backwards compatibility.

Ubisoft caught wind of the issue and commented on the pop-up ad. According to the company, this whole situation was an accident and the banner ad wasn’t meant to appear at all. Ubisoft does have a history of advertising games in other games.

Most of the home screens for all its titles include blocks with adverts for other games. However, this Mirage ad is a lot bigger than the small block we usually see. The banner took up the majority of the screen.

“We have been made aware that some players encountered pop-up ads while playing certain Assassin’s Creed titles yesterday. This was the result of a technical error that we addressed as soon as we learned of the issue.”

Ubisoft didn’t share any details as to where the ad was meant to be shown. The company simply stated it was a technical error. The fact that the banner exists is already concerning. It means the ad was made with the intention to overlap a menu somewhere along the line. However, players haven’t reported seeing it anywhere else. You can see the video of the ad below:

Just got an in-game advertisement when I tried to go to the map
byu/triddell24 inxboxone

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