Ubisoft Project Q Battle Arena Cancelled

Ubisoft Battle Arena Game ‘Project Q’ Has Been Cancelled

The previously announced Battle Arena game Project Q has been cancelled. Ubisoft has confirmed that the project is no longer continuing development despite planning several playtests in the first half of the year. This comes in light of Ubisoft quietly cancelling a number of projects that were previously in development at the company, with reports suggesting that at least a dozen Battle Royale games were in the works by Ubisoft at one point.

It’s unclear if Project Q was meant to be one of the “unannounced” games that were cancelled by Ubisoft, though the game was officially announced last year. According to Insider Gaming, a developer update posted by the team has confirmed that development will no longer continue on the game.

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Ubisoft apparently posted a message on its playtester #announcements channel on Discord, stating:

“The first closed test was a great milestone for us because of all the work put in from the team, your amazing support, and your great reception! We loved the amazing energy on this discord, it was our fuel for the project. Your feedback was a true gift and allowed us to grow as developers in order to do our best for you, our players.”

Ubisoft added that Project Q‘s development would cease and had no further information to provide on the matter:

“All these warm moments make this announcement harder to make: sadly we have to cancel our upcoming closed tests as Project Q will no longer continue development. This also means that we will need to shut down this Discord server. We don’t have further information to communicate right now but we want to thank you all for your passion and your love for Project Q. All your messages and support has meant the world to us and has been a major boost for our teams since the beginning.”

While it’s believed that Project Q may have been one of the three games that Ubisoft cancelled, we’ll provide any updates once more information is revealed.

Source: Insider Gaming

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