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Ubisoft Battle Royale ‘Hyper Scape’ is Being Shut Down

Ubisoft is shutting down the development of their 2020 free-to-play cyberpunk battle royale shooter, Hyper Scape. The studio didn’t give an exact reason for its closure, though they admitted that they could’ve done more with the game, stating that they “will be taking key learnings from this game into future projects.” The game will be shut down on 28 April.

In a recent, short blog post published by Ubisoft, the company confirmed that it will be shutting down the development of Hyper Scape in a few months, thanking the community for their devotion and passion. No send-off rewards have been announced for players yet, though we imagine something might come as a thank you package for dedicated players.

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Unfortunately, Hyper Scape released at a time when the battle royale craze exploded in the gaming industry. The two most prominent and well-received in the genre, Fortnite and Apex Legends, meant that Hyper Scape had to compete with some major rivals on the market. Despite offering something different in the battle royale genre by delivering a cyberpunk aesthetic and more vertical, fast-paced gameplay, Hyper Scape was never able to trade blows with the likes of Apex Legends.

Player numbers were decent at first, but as the months passed, it became evident that it just didn’t keep the attention of battle royale players. This led Ubisoft to implement a very slow rollout of updates and fixes, especially when compared to Fortnite and its rapid, major updates.

Despite Hyper Scape closing down, Ubisoft is taking another crack at the battle royale genre with Ghost Recon Frontline, a new battle royale game set within the Ghost Recon universe. Let’s hope they give it the necessary support to thrive, otherwise it could meet the same fate as Hyper Scape.

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