Ubisoft+ Coming to Xbox Soon – No Word on PlayStation Release

"More details coming soon"

Ubisoft+ Coming to Xbox Soon – No Word on PlayStation Release

Ubisoft has announced that its once-PC-only subscription service, Ubisoft+ is headed to Xbox consoles in the near future. Once launched, players will be able to spend around $14.99 a month to gain access to dozens of games. On PC, the service boasts over 100 titles including DLC for select games too.

At the moment it is unclear whether or not the Xbox version of Ubisoft+ will offer the same value for money. The PC version is already pricey but the games on offer are aplenty. However, a lot of the games on offer are PC exclusive titles. This is due to Ubisoft’s freedom to release its games without any hardware restrictions. Strategy games, for example, make up a bulk of these too.

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Ubisoft says that the company will share details on the Ubisoft+ service on Xbox soon. Keep in mind that this subscription service will NOT be bundled in with Xbox Game Pass. Ubisoft has made this quite clear already. Instead, users will have to subscribe to both Xbox Game Pass and Ubisoft+ if they want to make use of these subscriptions.

The Ubisoft+ announcement arrived at the same time the company revealed that Rainbow Six Extraction would be released on Xbox Game Pass. The game will most likely be available on either service when Ubisoft+ releases on Xbox.

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to launch on 20 January for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the latest trailer below.

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Source: Ubisoft

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