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Ubisoft Confirms Skull And Bones And More Will Release By Mid 2023

Ubisoft has finally confirmed a release window for Skull and Bones, which recently leaked in a deep dive gameplay video, promising to release the almost decade-long in development title by the end of the financial year – April 2023. Ubisoft has also confirmed that Avatar and Mario Rabbids will also release by that time.

Skull and Bones has gone through multiple issues during development and was even scrapped and rebooted at one point. Finally, though we have a release window and while it is still a way off, it’s closer than expected.

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Skull and Bones was originally designed as a spin-off from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag featuring the same Caribbean-style setting, decked out with pirate ship battles over the high seas. The title was announced in 2017, four years after the release of Black Flag and was seemingly everything from the former title just without the Assassin’s Creed elements.

A leaked gameplay video of the pirate-themed title showcased the setting and activities we can expect from Skull and Bones. Players will set off for the island of Saint-Anne where we will need to pick up contracts to destroy ships, loot treasure, and live a glamorous pirate life. Unfortunately, the footage has been taken down since.

Also confirmed by the publisher was that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora would release by the same time – April 2023 – which was also announced more than five years ago. The title is being developed by Massive Entertainment who previously worked on The Division. We might see Avatar release around the same time as the upcoming film Avatar: Way of the Water which would mean a December release date.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope has also been confirmed to release before the financial year is out. This is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed Switch-exclusive and while we know that it will release before April is out next year, we have seen a flurry of games releases for the holiday period (November/December).

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