Ubisoft Developer Achievements Trophies Bad For Gaming
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Ubisoft Dev Says Achievements and Trophies Are Bad for Gaming

PlayStation and Xbox players are accustomed to achievements and trophies today, usually acting as rewards for those who overcome challenges, reach new milestones in a game or complete collectible hunts. However, one Ubisoft developer believes that they’re “bad for gaming” as they only serve to benefit the platform it’s on instead of being better suited for the games.

Speaking openly on Twitter, Ubisoft Massive developer Fredrik Thylander talked about his unpopular opinion that achievements and trophies simply make games worse instead of improve them. He does raise an interesting point that they tend to disrupt and divert attention for players, though on the opposite side of the argument, it also caters to players who seek the challenge of hunting down those trophies to add to their profile.

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It’s understandable that players who have no interest in acquiring achievements and trophies might see them as distractions with little to no merit. For many, it’s mainly about the experience of the game itself that counts which partially explains Thylander’s side of the debate. He elaborates on his thoughts while responding to another tweet, stating:

“I just think games should have the reward mechanisms most suited for them, and the one-size-fits-all mandate from platform holders to make reward systems that benefit the platform makes games worse.”

A vast majority of games released today typically have achievements or trophies as rewards for players who want to dig deeper and see everything that it has to offer. It incentivises players to explore as much of the game as possible, usually associated with secrets and collectibles. Some might relish the activities while others choose to simply ignore them.

However, the core of Thylander’s argument revolves around achievements and trophies designed to cater to specific platforms limits the potential of earning rewards better suited for each title instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Either way you look at it, achievements and trophies are commonplace today and for some players, they’re an integral part of working through a game and being rewarded for doing so. I guess it really depends on if you’re the type to hunt for them, aren’t really interested or just remain neutral.

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