Ubisoft Drops “Tom Clancy” Name From XDefiant, Opens Registration For Playtesting

"One of three live-service games in the works"

XDefiant Test
Ubisoft Drops “Tom Clancy” Name From XDefiant, Opens Registration For Playtesting

Ubisoft has officially dropped the Tom Clancy name off of its upcoming free-to-play shooter, XDefiant. The game, which is the furthest thing from a Tom Clancy experience, was announced back in 2021 to some rather nasty backlash. Mainly because fans of the Tom Clancy series have been eagerly waiting for a new Splinter Cell but instead, Ubisoft has been trying to turn the brand name into a live-service cash cow.

Let’s not forget XDefiant wasn’t the only live service Tom Clancy’s game announced at the company last year. They revealed the new Division: Heartland free-to-play live service game and Tom Clancy’s Frontline – another free-to-play live-service game.

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In a blog post, Ubisoft announced the name change for XDefiant while also detailing the new closed test periods coming to the game. Players can now sign-up for XDefiant testing. However, there is a catch. Testing is only available on PC at the moment with console tests running at a later date. Players will also have to sign an NDA and agree to keep all content in the XDefiant test confidential.

Sadly, the XDefiant test is also locked to certain regions meaning South Africans can’t participate in the early access. The available regions include:

United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Greece, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Andorra, and Monaco.

Ubisoft says that the studio plans on rolling out more support for the XDefiant test in the future. In addition, console players will also be able to jump into the action at a later date. You can register for the test by visiting the playxdefiant page here. We will keep you updated on the local launch for this game and whether or not South Africa will be included in the test.

Source: Ubisoft

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