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Ubisoft Faces Mass Backlash for Closing Inactive Accounts

Ubisoft is currently facing mass backlash from the internet for its recent decisions to close inactive accounts, which essentially takes all your previously purchased games with it. A Ubisoft account has been a requirement to play most titles from the publisher for years now, including new Assassin’s Creed games. Unfortunately, those who haven’t logged into their Ubisoft account for a while now might’ve already received an email with a closure warning.

Several users on social media reported receiving emails over the weekend from Ubisoft notifying them that their account has been “temporarily suspended.” Users will have a 30-day period to cancel its closure and keep their account active. If you fail to cancel the closure and your account is permanently removed, all of your Ubisoft games and content go with it.

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Ubisoft responded to the news by urging users to follow the link and cancel the closure. “We certainly do not want you to lose access to your games or account,” said the publisher. Accounts will be closed due to inactivity and unless you haven’t seen the email yet, you’ll lose your entirely library. It’s possible that Ubisoft could be required to close inactive accounts due to certain data protection laws such as GDPR, though many users feel like this shouldn’t apply to games directly purchased.

Since the emails started rolling out, fans have expressed their disappointment over the sudden mass closure of inactive accounts. It’s not necessarily the fact that accounts are being closed but rather when an account is closed forever, you lose all of your games. This has sparked debates online about the growing concerns surrounding digital purchases, especially in light of physical games and media slowly dwindling.

Ubisoft states in its terms and conditions that your account has to be inactive for six months before it emails you about its upcoming closure. With so many accounts required to play games these days (in addition to the staggering selection of titles available), it’s possible that a good portion of players aren’t actively playing Ubisoft games for months on end. Some may only use their Ubisoft account to play new Assassin’s Creed games, for example, and it’s not like a new game in the series drops every six months.

We can only recommend that users check if their account isn’t currently in the 30-day period before closure so make sure you respond to the email if you don’t want to lose your library forever.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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