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Ubisoft is Developing AI Ghostwriter to Help Write Game Dialogue

Ubisoft has announced its new development into AI which aims to produce scripts for various aspects of a game. This new AI Ghostwriter will help create “NPC barks” which are various phrases NPCs spew out when chattering in the game world. For example, when you walk past characters in say, Watch Dogs: Legion, their dialogue and conversations on the stress to one another are called “barks”.

Ubisoft says that creating these NPC barks can be quite a time-consuming activity for scriptwriters and that is where this new AI Ghostwriter will come in. The new AI Ghostwriter will generate lines of dialogue depending on the source of the content.

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The scriptwriter is still involved in the creation process as they will still need to create the topic and decide on the style of the writing. However, the extra dialogue which comes out of the AI Ghostwriter is machine taught to create new options decided on by the scriptwriter. Over time, this AI Ghostwriter will then become more accurate to the current project it is tackling and the more the script needs to be adjusted, the more variations it can pump out.

Ubisoft says AI Ghostwriter was created by the scriptwriters on board with the project. It will help save a lot of time when it comes to generating the mundane chatter in the background of a game which saves countless hours of writing. As a result, Ubisoft says scriptwriters will be able to focus on the game’s main story and characters while also delivering NPCs that are interesting and diverse.

Check out the video explaining this AI Ghostwriter down below. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed which games this tech will be used in just yet. Given that the tech is still quite new, we will likely see it in the distant future.

Introducing Ubisoft Ghostwriter, an AI tool developed in-house that aims to support our scriptwriters by generating the first draft of our NPC barks – the phrases or sounds made by NPCs when players interact with the game world. This tool was created hand-in-hand with scriptwriters to create more realistic NPC interactions by generating variations on a piece of dialogue See how our teams will use AI to handle repetitive tasks, and free up time to work on other core game elements.

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