Ubisoft VR Game Notre-Dame Fire

Ubisoft is Making a VR Game Based on The Notre-Dame Fire

Ubisoft have announced that they’re working on a VR game about the 2019 Notre-Dame fire, which will tie into an upcoming film. The game, titled Notre-Dame on Fire, will be an hour-long experience from the viewpoint of a Parisian firefighter during the tragic event that took place on 15 April 2019.

The VR experience will tie into an upcoming IMAX docudrama of the same name, and is expected to release in March this year alongside the film. Ubisoft provided a few details about the VR game, calling it an “escape game” where players will have to co-operate with teammates in order to find relics, navigate and solve puzzles, and stop the fire before the clock runs out.

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Ubisoft’s senior VP of new business and strategic alliances Deborah Papiernik spoke to Variety, explaining the game as:

“Like any escape game, it’s a question of puzzles and co-operating with your teammates. The idea is to make your way through the cathedral to find relics and to fight the fire, because you have to save Notre Dame [before the clock runs out].”

The game will make use of a faithful and detailed recreation of the Notre-Dame cathedral, which was originally created for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The same detailed model of the cathedral was also used for the 2020 VR title Notre-Dame de Paris: Journey Back in Time, which let players explore the cathedral before the fire took place.

Ubisoft pledged to donate €500,000 to the Notre-Dame restoration efforts. During the same week of the disaster, Ubisoft made Assassin’s Creed Unity free to all PC players, with an emphasis put on the game’s almost accurate recreation of the cathedral.

Notre-Dame on Fire will come to VR in March alongside the film’s release, though the exact platforms for the game haven’t been revealed yet.

Source: Variety

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