Ubisoft is Removing Dozens of Games From Steam So You Can’t Buy Them Anymore

"You can still play them buy have to own them"

Prince of Persia Sands of Time Ubisoft Remake
Ubisoft is Removing Dozens of Games From Steam So You Can’t Buy Them Anymore

There’s something strange going on at Ubisoft. Last week, the company announced that close to one hundred games would see their online services shut down by 1 September this year. These titles include older games such as Just Dance, Far Cry 2 and older Splinter Cell games. While it is completely normal to delist games from online servers after they are no longer played by gamers, Ubisoft is taking new steps to remove games off Steam.

Yesterday, players reported that a handful of Ubisoft titles on Steam included a shutdown notice claiming that from 1 September this year, owners would no longer be able to access the game. We are talking about these games being completely delisted from your account even if you purchased them in the first place.

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While at first users thought the issue was simply related to Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, that wasn’t the case. Other Ubisoft games including Silent Hunter 5, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell also showed this message. It read: At the request of the publisher, Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HD is no longer available for sale on Steam. Please note this title will not be accessible following September 1st, 2022.

Once users caught onto the issue, they immediately hit back at Ubisoft and began review-bombing these games with negative comments regarding the game removal from Steam. The thought of losing access to your purchases and DLC definitely got everyone hot and bothered. However, it seems that the situation wasn’t as bad as everyone thought and Ubisoft is really to blame for this outburst.

Ubisoft released a statement soon after the issue went viral online. The company claims that sadly, the games listed on Steam with the notices will no longer be available to purchase on the platform. The good news is that gamers who already own any of these titles will still be able to play them regardless of them being removed from the marketplace. So while you can’t buy these games, you can still play them at least.

Ubisoft didn’t share any details as to why the games are being removed from the store. Delisting software from online storefronts is nothing new in the world but it does leave a dent behind. Often, if you don’t own a physical version of that said game you’re left without any real option to replay it.

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