Ubisoft Looking Into Various XDefiant Network and Gameplay Issues as Players Raise Concerns

XDefiant has been out for a week today and so far, things have gone quite smoothly for a free-to-play shooter. However, it seems there are a substantial number of issues with the game. Players have raised concerns over network problems including ping spikes. There are also problems surrounding player hit registration. Not to mention the so-called “XDefiant bunny hopping” which has plagued the game since launch.

First off, the bunny hopping issue in XDefiant has been acknowledged. Players have reported various issues where opponents would spam the jump button during gunfights. So much so that their character would jerk in the air rendering gunfire useless. These fights often end with the non-jumping player losing.

The same issue also stems into crouch spamming. Players would spam the crouch button causing major hit registration mismatches and often lose the gunfight.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the spam movement problems in XDefiant. The studio says it has no intention to penalize players who spam these buttons. However, it believes there’s a sweet spot between intended use and spam. The studio aims to get that right.

“We do intend to penalize players for too many repeated jumps & crouches by adding aim sway. This was disabled after our tests while we made some needed improvements and unfortunately did not make it in time for launch. But rest assured we will get this in as soon as possible. We absolutely want players to use all mechanics in our game and not feel restricted – but there’s a sweet spot between intended use and spam and we want to get that right.”

When it comes to network issues in XDefiant, Ubisoft is also looking into the problem. Players have reported various ping spikes during matches which results in major gameplay jittering. Executive producer Mark Rubin says they are aware of some of these reported problems and will hopefully have a fix soon.

Apart from those two issues, XDefiant is also facing some balancing issues across various weapons and abilities. Ubisoft says it is constantly working on new balance changes to get the formula right. The studio is also working hard to ban cheaters in the game.

Mouse and keyboard support for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is also in the works and will be added sometime in the future.

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