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Ubisoft Rebooting Skull and Bones as New Live Service Game

Skull and Bones was announced back in 2017 at E3. I even played the game and it was great. It took the naval combat from the Assassin’s Creed series and merged into a PvP experience with different ships having specific roles such as long-ranged and squishy, tanky and low attack etc. However, Ubisoft doesn’t seem to be happy with the current state of the game. We have not seen or heard of it since 2017 so it kinda makes sense. The game was meant to launch in late 2018 but has since been delayed three times.

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According to development sources, Ubisoft has been struggling to make the game unique enough to sit alongside the company’s existing open-world games. Skull and Bones is currently in development at Ubisoft Singapore. but the studio has yet to refine the concept. Sources claim that last year the developers decided to reboot the game entirely and move away from the premium box model.

Video Game Chronicle reports the game has moved towards a “live” game model. The complete opposite of the company’s titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. The game will feature a persistent game world with quests, characters and storylines that will drastically evolve and change over time based on the collective actions of the community.

One developer claims Fortnite was a strong inspiration for the new Skull and Bones direction. They claim the rebooted game would have a stronger focus on collaboration. Ubisoft wants to appeal to audiences beyond the competitive action fans who usually play other games from the studio.

The reboot also brings leadership changes at Ubisoft. In addition to the creative director Justin Farren leaving, VP Elisabeth Pellen has replaced his role.

Right now we don’t know when the game will be seen or heard from again. Ubisoft hosted its Forward event on Sunday evening and it was missing in action. However, it was not the only game that did not show face. Gods and Monsters was also nowhere to be seen. The Twitter account has been dormant for over a year now after the last tweet.

The last we heard, Ubisoft was delaying the game into this years financial fiscal year which ends in April 2021. If the game is releasing then it will happen before then. I would not get your hopes up though.

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