Back at E3 2019, Ubisoft announced a new spin on the traditional PvP game called Roller Champions. The game is described as a “free-to-play, skill-based team PvP sports game” where players rollerskate in an arena and fight off other players in order to get the ball and score a goal. Think Rocket League meets FIFA with a touch of NBA but with rollerskates. Ubisoft has announced a Roller Champions alpha test to kick off soon.

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Roller Champions has already undergone one closed alpha test and Ubisoft plans to host another starting on 11 March 2020. Eager players can sign up for the test by visiting the official website in order to enrol for the testing phase. It is unclear how Ubisoft will be choosing participants for the Roller Champions alpha but sign up anyway for a chance to test out the game. Keep in mind that the Roller Champion alpha test is only on PC.

Those interested in testing the game should head over to the Roller Champions alpha test website and enrol there. Anyone who does not make the list will be put onto a waiting list and could get access to the game at a later date. Alpha testers will also unlock an exclusive outfit and gain access to the game five days before launch.

With that being said, along with the alpha test, Ubisoft announced that the game will also be coming to consoles when it launches later this year. The game was thought to be a PC-only release but the developer has announced it for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and even Nintendo Switch. The game will release for free across all platforms later this year. Ubisoft has not revealed whether or not it will support cross-play yet but let’s hope it does.

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