Ubisoft Will Reportedly Cancel Roller Champions Soon

"It will only last 3 seasons"

Ubisoft Roller Champions
Ubisoft Will Reportedly Cancel Roller Champions Soon

Ubisoft’s free-to-play rollerskating game titled Roller Champions is reportedly not doing too great. According to an insider, Ubisoft will cancel the game at the end of its third season due to low player counts. Roller Champions was announced back in 2019 and released in May this year. The game is a free-to-play sports game where players race around a ring bashing into enemy players while stealing a ball to toss into a hoop.

Ubisoft recently claimed that Roller Champions was doing well. During the company’s financial call, the company said it was tracking better than Hyper Scape, another now-cancelled battle royale developed by the studio. However, Ubisoft might have been beating around the bush. The game is still on only a handful of active players on Twitch. Sadly, the game is only available on the Ubisoft Connect platform so it isn’t possible to see what the daily active player count is like.

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Roller Champions was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The same studio that developed the now-cancelled Hyper Scape game. It seems that the studio just can’t seem to catch a break as it preps to shut down its second free-to-play game in just under a year. If the reports are true and Ubisoft does cancel Roller Champions, this would mean the game wasn’t even available for six months on the market before being canned.

Then again, you can’t really blame gamers for not wanting to spend money on another shallow free-to-play game. Ubisoft loves making these games in hopes that the studio strikes gold with one release. However, so far things haven’t been going their way. Last week the studio announced it was also cancelling Ghost Recon Frontline, an unreleased free-to-play shooter. Ubisoft is currently struggling to find its feet after multiple failed releases and delayed games.

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