Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters is Now Called ‘Immortals: Fenyx Rising’

Ubisoft Gods and Monsters Immortals Fenyx Rising
Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters is Now Called ‘Immortals: Fenyx Rising’

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated a game called Immortals: Fenyx Rising by Ubisoft. The new rating is for a PC and consoles game. However, it is not new and we have seen this before. Many believed the game is actually Gods and Monsters with a new fresh title. While Ubisoft has yet to formally announce it, the leaked Stadio demo already hinted at a new name back in June. The Stadia demo called it “the game formerly known as Gods and Monsters”.


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According to the game’s story, it follows the story of Fenyx so this also makes complete sense. It is also based on a fantasy world and includes Greek mythology and Gods. The new name suits the game a lot better than the previous one.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising (formerly known as Gods and Monsters) was announced back at E3 2019. However, the game has been kept in the shadows since. We don’t know much about the gameplay, story, characters and how the overall progression system will work.

We know Ubisoft plans on hosting a stream this September to touch on new games and previously-announced ones so hopefully players can expect to see more during the event. If anything, Gods and MonstersImmortals: Fenyx Rising” is quite far off what we usually expect from the company. Ubisoft likes to dab in realistic shooters and fantasy RPGs but it has been a while since the company tackled a JRPG of sorts. Magic, monsters and a bright and vibrant colour palette? Colour me interested. Keep in mind that the game was originally set to release in February this year.

Keep in mind that the publisher does plan on releasing this title before April 2021 so let’s hope we see more soon. Here’s the original announcement trailer in case you have no idea what I am talking about.

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