Ubisoft’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising Out 3 December and it Looks Fantastic

Ubisoft Immortals Fenyx Rising Out Season Pass Chinese Mythology Sound and Music Lydia Andrew
Ubisoft’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising Out 3 December and it Looks Fantastic

What Ubisoft previously called Gods and Monsters is now Immortals: Fenyx Rising. We know the studio plans on showcasing the game during its 10 September 2020 Forward event but once again the Xbox Store let the cat out of the bag. The store now lists Immortals: Fenyx Rising for a 3 December 2020 release date and hosts a series of screenshots. It is also clear the game is coming to next-gen consoles as it is listed to include Smart Delivery.


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According to the Xbox listing, the game once known as Gods and Monsters is an open-world RPG where players cal fly around and explore vast biomes while slaying mythological beasts.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising brings a grand mythological adventure to life. Play as Fenyx, a new winged demigod, on a quest to save the Greek gods. The fate of the world is at stake – you are the gods’ last hope.

  • Wield the power of the gods like Achilles sword and Daidalos’ wings to battle powerful enemies and solve ancient puzzles.
  • Fight iconic mythological beasts like Cyclops and Medusa in dynamic combat in the air and on the ground.
  • Use your skills and diverse weapons, including self-guided arrows, telekinesis and more for devastating damage.
  • Discover a stylish open world across seven unique regions inspired by the gods.

The page has since been removed but not before some gorgeous screenshots popped up online. Check them out down below. Stay tuned for the full announcement of Immortals: Fenyx Rising on 10 September 2020 during the Ubisoft Forward event.

Click to enlarge. 

Take a look at the original reveal trailer down below. No doubt the game is a little different now but the idea is still the same.

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