Ubisoft’s Wild Arena Survivors Battle Royale Leaks Online

"Now available in soft launch"

Wild Arena Survivors Ubisoft
Ubisoft’s Wild Arena Survivors Battle Royale Leaks Online

Ubisoft has accidently leaked its new battle royale game called Wild Arena Survivors. The game hasn’t been announced anywhere yet but a full gameplay trailer was found unlisted on its Ubisoft Paris Mobile YouTube channel. The video was uploaded back on 2 May 2022 and it has raked in quite a number of views so far. However, Ubisoft has yet to officially announce the game even though it is currently going through a soft launch on Android.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Wild Arena Survivors is a mobile battle royale game so those hoping for a console release might be a bit disappointed here. It focuses on 40-player matches where you are dropped into an island and have to explore it in order to gather resources, fight enemies and pick up loot to make you stronger.

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Of course, while you’re doing all this, other players will get in your way and you’ll have to fight them off to survive. The game features a range of heroes that all pack their own unique playstyle and abilities. Skills can be upgraded during the game and resources found across the map are used to level up your weapons and items found in each match.

The matches in Wild Arena Survivors are set to last around 10 minutes which fits mobile perfectly. There is a range of game modes you can participate in too including Solo Mode and Trio Mode. Sadly, this is a battle royale game so it is online against other players in every match.

Ubisoft has yet to share any launch plans for Wild Arena Survivors at this time. However, the game is available on Android in very limited regions, The trailer isn’t public yet but you can watch the unlisted one down below. If you are interested in trying this game out, visit the official Google Play link here to find out more.

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