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UGC’s ‘Fight To The Top’ Documentary Continues With Episode 2

The second episode of the Fight To The Top documentary from The Ultimate Gaming Championships South Africa (UGCZA) is now available to watch on YouTube. While the previous episode focused on two rising local competitors, the reigning champ Iggy and the underdog Jazcat, the follow-up episode breaks down the tremendous work that goes on behind the scenes at these events and tournaments, taking a closer inside look at the organisations UGCZA and Golliath Gaming.

UGC’s latest episode continues to shine a light on the local fighting game community as well as the challenges that organisers face when hosting tournaments in South Africa, both in an attempt to show that the country is capable of being on same level of production quality as international events and share the same enthusiasm and talent from the community. It’s another fascinating look into esports in South Africa, particularly for fighting games like Tekken 7, and absolutely worth watching if you’re interested in its inner workings.

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Furthermore, episode 2 of Fight To The Top is also an introspective look at Junayd Bradlow, a long-time competitor in the fighting game scene and co-founder of UGCZA along with Umar Bradlow.

The description of episode 2 provided to us by UGCZA reads:

“Players are important. A scene cannot function without a proper support structure and a strong ‘behind the scenes’ team. We dive into two organizations: The Ultimate Gaming Championships (UGC) and Goliath Gaming. A deeper introspection into Junayd Bradlow, UGC & Goliath Gaming. Also deciding on the top 8 players for the invitational tournament for Spring Showdown.”

The first episode featured a “strong focus on the last 3 years where we have seen a surge in the gaming scene with certain players rising to the top and making waves locally.”

Check out episode 2 of Fight To The Top below:

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