Uncharted Gets July Netflix Release Date

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Easter Eggs To Look Out For In The Uncharted Movie
Uncharted Gets July Netflix Release Date

We know that Sony has a contract with Netflix that sees all of the company’s films leave the cinema before releasing on the streaming platform. This means that anything Sony Pictures produces, including Sony’s PlayStation Productions division, can ultimately make its way to Netflix. Uncharted falls under this contract so in July, subscribers can enjoy the film on Netflix at no additional cost.

According to What’s on Netflix, Uncharted will release on Netflix on 15 July. This means that if you weren’t one of the hundreds of thousands of people who went to the cinema to watch the movie, you can sit on the couch and enjoy it for the first time.

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Uncharted was released in February this year with some major success. The film raked in over $400 million during its run at the cinema. While the movie suffered multiple delays due to the covid-19 pandemic, the release was a welcome addition to the PlayStation family.

The Sony and Netflix contract means that Uncharted will be one of many films you can enjoy on the platform in the future. However, keep in mind that this agreement doesn’t cover all of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Production TV shows and movies.

In fact, the upcoming The Last of Us TV show won’t debut on Netflix at all due to HBO being at the helm. In addition, Sony’s Twisted Metal show will also skip Netflix in favour of Peacock. Thankfully, Netflix is working on a Horizon Zero Dawn TV show and hopefully, when the Ghost of Tsushima movie releases, it will also make its way to Netflix.

We will share the full Netflix July lineup with you closer to the end of the month.

Source: What’s On Netflix

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