Sony Pictures has confirmed that its once again delaying the release of the live-action Uncharted movie. The film was originally meant to release in December of this year but due to production issues with losing directors and changes of the script, the film won’t make its planned release.

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Deadline reports that the production was struggling to keep its 18 December 2020 release window after recently losing its sixth director. In December we reported that Travis Knight was forced to pull out due to a scheduling conflict with Tom Holland and his Spider-Man schedule. Venom and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer had then approached to replace Travis Knight.

Travis Knight is the sixth director to leave the film following Dan Tractenberg who left in 2019, Shawn Levy in 2018, Seth Gordon in 2015, Neil Burger in 2012, and David O. Russell in 2011. As for now, the film does not have a director so it is unclear what the plan is going forward. We know the film is centred around a young Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland and is set before the original game’s story. Mark Wahlberg is also starring in the film as Nathan Drake’s friend and mentor Sully.

The Uncharted movie has been in production since 2008 and has suffered multiple changes including the story, setting and of course the loss of multiple directors. We will have to hope that someone jumps on board soon to steer this ship to its release date.

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