Uncharted Movie Sequel 2022 Tom Holland

Uncharted Movie Producer is Looking at Making a Sequel

The 2022 Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland might be getting a sequel, according to the producer. The live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog’s popular PlayStation franchise released last year to mixed reviews but considerable box office success, earning over $400 million worldwide. While the critical reception wasn’t great, studios listen to the money and the first movie made enough profit for producers to consider a follow-up.

The live-action Uncharted movie starred Spider-Man‘s Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake alongside Mark Wahlberg as Victor “Sully” Sullivan. The movie’s action set pieces and impressive stunt work were applauded but it was also criticised for having a considerably less engaging story than its video game counterparts, with many calling it an empty “greatest hits” movie that stitched together plot points and sequences from the gaming franchise.

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Uncharted movie producer Charles Roven was asked if there was a desire to continue the movie franchise. He responded:

“Oh yeah! We had a really good time with that movie. The fans really liked the movie, and people who didn’t know anything about the game really liked the movie. So we are definitely looking to make another one of those.”

There might be some truth to the fact that general audiences really seemed to like the movie, though. Over on RottenTomatoes, the critic score sits at 40% but the audience score is 90% from over 5,000 verified ratings. That might be enough positive impressions for Sony Pictures to gauge whether to move ahead with a sequel or not.

Of course, replicating the first Uncharted movie’s success requires Holland and Wahlberg to reprise their roles as the magnetic duo. Holland has somewhat pulled away from big-budget productions in recent months, even taking a well-deserved break from being the MCU’s Spider-Man (for now), so it remains to be seen if he’ll return anytime soon to play Nathan Drake.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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