Unofficial Uncharted 4 60FPS Patch Works Proving “FPS Boost” is Possible

"Why is Sony holding back?"

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Unofficial Uncharted 4 60FPS Patch Works Proving “FPS Boost” is Possible

Similar to the unofficial Bloodborne patch that enabled the game to run at a capped 60FPS at the cost of some resolution, Uncharted 4 has also been given the 60FPS treatment. Modder Illusion0001 released an unofficial Uncharted 4 60FPS patch to the PS4 jailbreak community and Mp1st put it to the test.

According to a detailed analysis of the unofficial Uncharted 4 60FPS patch, when running the game at 540p, a solid 60FPS is achievable. Of course, this comes at the cost of some image quality given the game’s lower resolution.


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Keep in mind that these tests were performed on a base PS4 with the vanilla version of Uncharted 4. A 540p resolution, while being quite low, is still quite impressive for the base PS4. According to the modder, the PS4 Pro will be able to boost this up to 720p at 60FPS.

The unofficial Uncharted 4 60FPS patch did cause some visual glitches to pop up according to Mp1st. Some lights were rendering as boxes instead of circles and some textures looked flat. However, there were related to the different resolution of the game and could have been caused by some coding issues brought on by the patch.

Still, this is now the second patch that has released to the PS4 jailbreak community that improves the game experience to 60FPS. It clearly goes to show that these games are capable of being boosted to a higher resolution compared to their launch version.

The PS5 will most likely be able to boost Uncharted 4 well beyond 720p on the PS4 Pro. Perhaps users could enjoy a 1440p 60FPS experience on the console? Even 4K? We will never know. Sony seems to be holding back on us and instead of boosting these games that are clearly capable of doing so, they have ignored the work done by the jailbreak community.

It is just a matter of time before we see even more PS4 games being boosted to 60FPS through mods. Meanwhile, the PS5 has ample power to do so and according to modder Illusion0001, is fairly simple to implement. It is up to Sony now…..

Source: MP1ST

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