US Console Owners Can Now Repair Their Own Consoles

"Just don't expect to repair everything"

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US Console Owners Can Now Repair Their Own Consoles

The US Copyright Office has passed a limited Right to Repair rule that now enables gamers to repair their own consoles. However, the rule only covers specific parts of the console but it should help save users who don’t want to send off the console to get repaired should it fail.

Microsoft recently announced a new initiative that would enable Xbox console owners the right to repair their own hardware. In addition, the company pledged it would make it easier for users to get spare parts and components to do so.

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Unfortunately, while this is a positive step in the right direction, the ruling is still extremely limited. In fact, the only part of your console you can now repair is the optical drive. This means users who own digital consoles such as the Xbox Series S or PS5 Digital Edition are out of luck. You cannot open up these consoles and attempt to repair anything inside as the components aren’t covered by this new rule.

The rule describes the limitations on repairs and only allows optical drive replacements and fixes in order to avoid modifications to the console. The rule is also trying to avoid any copyright issues that might come from users opening up the motherboards and components inside the device.

So everything else other than the optical drive cannot be repaired without sending the console to Sony or Microsoft. You can’t replace the storage, fix any Wi-Fi issues or anything of the sort. Still, the new rule is a step in the right direction to allow users the freedom to repair devices they pay for and own.

Even though it is still restricted to the optical drive, it is better than nothing. Especially considering that disc-based consoles rely on this hardware to function correctly.

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Source: Copyright Office

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