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Valheim Sells 2 Million Copies in Two Weeks

Valheim, the survival game that came out of nowhere and hit early access on 2 February 2021, has already sold over 2 million copies according to Swedish developer Iron Gate. Just when you thought the world has had its fair share of survival games, Valheim has come and mixed up the genre.


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If you don’t know what Valheim is about, the game sees 1-10 players explore a procedurally-generated world filled with forests, mountains, and rolling hills. Players need to eventually get to the end by reaching Asgard. However, like most survival games, players need to take on the challenges that the world throws at them. This includes surviving the harsh ecosystems, defeating powerful beasts and crafting tools and houses to stay alive.

Valheim is doing exceptionally well at the moment. Within its first week of release, the game recorded a peak of 160,000 players. This has since doubled hitting 367,000 players in its second week. If this carries on, players may break new records when it comes to concurrent players. The game is already surpassing the likes of Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto 5 and even other survival games like Ark: Survival Evolved

The massive sales also show how different the gaming landscape is at the moment. Indie games, which are often more affordable and often more exciting, have been making bigger waves than triple-A titles. Fall Guys which launched last year saw some incredible success which also hit 2 million sales within its first week on Steam. Among Us, which launched back in 2018 is also growing ever so popular.

Valheim is still in early access so the game can only grow from here. Players can expect new biomes, tools, enemies and more arrive in the game over the coming months. You can grab the game on Steam today for R130.

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