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Valorant Animated Movie Reportedly in the Works

An animated Valorant movie is reportedly in the works from Riot Games and Tencent. According to reports, it won’t be too similar to the award-winning Netflix series Arcane and is currently expected to arrive in 2025, with a trailer scheduled to drop in November 2024.

The report originates from KLabratories, which also mentioned that the animated movie will be made exclusively in China. We know very little details about this animated project yet so we’ll just have to sit tight until we get the trailer and a confirmation. This marks Riot Games’ expansion into other mediums outside of gaming as the developer previously released Arcane back in November 2021, recounting the origins of notable League of Legends characters including Jinx and Vi.

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Valorant has been dominating the free-to-play and esports scenes for years now and has climbed to become one of Riot’s most popular IPs. It makes sense that the developer would want to expand the game’s universe with more stories that can exist beyond video games.

Valorant has also been confirmed to receive South African servers, though we don’t have an ETA on when it will arrive yet. On the other hand, previous job listings at Riot Games indicated that the game will be coming to consoles in the near future too. This follows a confirmation from the studio back in 2020 that it will was “prototyping” PS4 and Xbox One versions.

As for Arcane, while season 1 was immensely popular and won several awards including Best Adaptation at The Game Awards last year, fans will have to wait a while for season 2. Riot Games stated back in April that the second season will not launch in 2023 as it’s still in development. Between Valorant‘s animated movie and the next season of Arcane, we might be waiting until 2024 or longer to hear more information about these projects.

Source: KLabratories (via Valorant Updates)

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  • Nikki_boagreis 23 August 2023

    Never really been a fan of anime movie adaptations, but i guess will find out how successful it is.

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