Riot Games launched its closed beta for Valorant yesterday and blame it on the lockdown if you need to, but the game raked in quite a hefty number of viewers on Twitch. 1.7 million people tuned in to watch a load of streamers take part in the closed beta and the viewer count marks one of the highest concurrent viewers on Twitch to date.

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Riot Games handled Valorant closed beta code requests a little differently than most tests. Instead of giving everyone codes, they handed out beta access to people who are watching the streams so everyone tuned in to give the game a view because there’s nothing better to do during lockdown. Some people even went as far as to set up multiple Twitch and Riot accounts in hopes of grabbing a key.

The game naturally has a large fanbase already given that it is Riot Game’s first departure from the League of Legends series.  LoL is a massive success so fans are eager to see how their first new game in ten years holds up.

Those of you hoping to just dive into the action, you may have a while to wait. Riot Games will not be handing out mass Valorant closed beta keys anytime soon. The current test was already buckling under the pressure with bugs and connectivity issues. It may take a few weeks before the game opens up to more players.

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