Riot Games will be releasing Valorant in early June. According to the developer, the game is ready for launch and will arrive on PC on 2 June 2020. The game, which has been in closed beta since April, will be available on PC for free. In addition, Riot Games announced it will launch across the “majority of regions worldwide.”

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For those who played the beta, keep in mind that your progress will be reset when the game launched on 2 June 2020. Users will have to start fresh progressing from the same starting line like everyone else. Riot Games plans to add new modes, characters and maps to the game in the coming months. In addition, the developer revealed that new servers will be rolling out in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, and Warsaw to keep up with the new players joining the game.

Valorant marks the first major video game release to come out of Riot Games since League of Legends. Since its beta test kicked off in April, the game has been quite popular. Potential players had to watch Twitch streams in order to get into the beta test. As a result, users began selling accounts and codes resulting in bans across the board. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows for the game. Riot Games has come under fire for its Vanguard anti-cheat software which has caused privacy concerns amongst gamers.

It will be interesting to see how the game’s launch goes. Releasing the game all at once worldwide is a risky move. Expect some server downtime and long waiting lines to get into the shooter. Riot Games will share more news about the launch of Valorant closer to 2 June 2020.

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