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Valorant is Coming to Consoles According to Job Listings

Valorant, the competitive free-to-play hero shooter from League of Legends studio Riot Games, is seemingly coming to PlayStation and Xbox according to new job listings posted on the developer’s website. This marks the second time that we’ve heard of Valorant possibly coming to consoles, with a job listing posted back in March also hinting at a console port.

The listings that appeared on Riot Games’ website states that it’s seeking a senior game designer and a game design manager. Interestingly, both positions are listed as “console” development instead of PC which Valorant is currently available on. Each position calls for “developing a vision for combat in Valorant on consoles” as well as “designing and refining features, modes, and systems to help bring console products to market.”

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Console icons were discovered in the game’s files earlier this year, presenting further evidence that Riot Games are quietly working on bringing Valorant to consoles. In fact, prototyping for the console versions already began as far back as June 2020. The shooter originally launched on PC in 2020 and has since enjoyed massive success in the esports scene. It makes sense that it would now be heading to consoles given its popularity and potential for reaching more players.

The job listings also briefly mention iOS and Android, suggesting that a mobile version of Valorant may also be in the works.

Unfortunately, there’s been no mention of League of Legends ever receiving a console port too, which is arguably the bigger title from Riot Games. The MOBA was a huge success when it launched back in 2009 for PC, resulting in the recent Arcane Netflix series that shone a spotlight on the game’s universe and brought it to mainstream attention.

We’ll have to wait for Riot Games to officially confirm the news, but the job listings are clear as day about the developer’s intentions to bring Valorant to consoles.

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